Lymphology Clinic of Brussels

Welcome to the Lymphology Clinic of Brussels

Who are we ?

The Lymphology Clinic of Brussels is a flagship for excellence in Lymphology within the St-Pierre University Hospital. It works in concert with the Research Unit in Lymphology at ULB and other centers of excellence in Belgium and abroad, as well as with a network of external therapists.

Why and for what purpose do we exist ?

The Lymphology Clinic of Brussels meets the need of transdisciplinary management of diagnosis and care of lymphedema in order to optimize service to patients. It targets the highest possible quality of treatment at the forefront of scientific, clinical and technical knowledge.

What kind of treatment do we aim at ?

The Lymphology Clinic of Brussels welcome patients both for intensive and basic treatments. Intensive treatments will be given or in either hospitalisation or ambulatory stays, for periods of five to twenty days. Basic treatments will take place on an out-patient basis and planned in conjunction with the patient.

Clinical assessment and diagnosis are reached with methods at the cutting edge of the latest scientific advances.

The decongestive treatment of the lymphedema consists primarily in physical therapy including multicomponent bandaging, physical activity, manual lymphatic drainage, skin and wound care, pressotherapy and scar treatment.
Therapeutic management is complemented by a variety of different medical and paramedical specialists.
The patient’s autonomy is enhanced through sessions of therapeutic education.

Diagnostical support

General practitioners and other specialists who have questions regarding lymphatic aspects of their patient’s edema can rely on the team of the Lymphology Clinic of Brussels to arrive at a lymphatic clinical assessment thus completing the diagnosis. Don’t hesitate to contact us.


The Lymphology Clinic of Brussels is breaking new ground in lymphedema treatment in collaboration with the start-up , originated from the « Ecole Polytechnique de Bruxelles» and the « Faculté des Sciences de la Motricité » of ULB, by developing new means of assessment of lymphedema such as : dynamic intelligent and connected bandages, elastic garments made of tridimensional tissues and imaging techniques allowing the detection of secondary lymphedema before they are visible to the human’s eye.

Patient associations      logo BeLymph, Belgian Association of lymphedema

The members of the Lymhology Clinic of Brussels are part of the founders of the Belgian Lymphedema Network BeLymph. This association, destined for the help of patients, is comprised of 4 components : Patients, clinicians, researchers and technicians.
In Belgium, BeLymph is the official branch of the International Lymphoedema Framework (ILF).

Here are a few pictures to present us

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Our Clinic is organized in the form of a Public Law Association, governed by the law of July 8, 1976, whose head office is located 322 rue Haute in 1000 Brussels.